Who Says Only Celebs Can Have All The Fun??

Hello all my Fitness Fashionistas!! How many of you have wondered, “How can I get the hot new looks the celebs are wearing on the way to the gym or on a regular day?”   I’m here to show you how! You could of course get their exact look if you had the big bucks to shop where they shop, but let’s talk about getting the look on your budget.

Many of our favorite celebrities are caught by paparazzi every day wearing many different types of workout clothes either on the way to the gym or just to pick up a smoothie.  One of the main celebrities I have seen that is photographed the most would have to be Kim Kardashian.  Kim is usually spotted wearing black, compared to the other celebs who can be seen wearing many different looks on each shot.


Kim K

Here are some examples of what celebrities might wear that are actually dressed to workout out at a gym. (Some good examples, and some NOT so good examples….I’m sure you can spot it out.)




These celebs are dressed in workout clothes just for the look, and are a bit more fashion forward by dressing on trend with accessories.






You can mimic these fashionable fitness celeb looks by creating your own style on a budget at many stores.  Some companies are: JC Penny’s, Ross, Marshalls, TJ Max, Kohl’s, and much…much more!!! Some of these places will even have the same designer brands as the celebrities, but at a discounted rate.

Here are some examples of the clothes you can find at a discounted rate:





Go find your look today!!!

A look at Yoga Clothes for different Yoga Styles

“The yogi is not one who sits down to practise breathing exercises. He is one who looks upon all with an equal eye, sees other creatures in himself.”

Good Evening fitness Fashionistas!
Let’s take a look at a few different types of yoga, and what would be appropriate to wear for each one.

Before I begin this adventure into the great world of yoga, let me say one thing, yoga is a great for physical exercises, it can help you obtain and maintain core body strength, can give you great balance and it can also help organ function. But another benefit transcends the physical. It helps you learn to calm your mind, and to integrate your body and mind into one unit. Why is this important? We in our busy lives forget to think about our bodies. We work them to the bone, keep them so stressed that they have no means of recovery, and then wonder why we are sick “all of the sudden” if your body and mind are linked, you can listen to the wisdom within your own body-the wisdom that tells us when its ok to go, and when we need to slow down. Our minds are full of such business, phones, and the outside world that we cannot hear what our body is telling us. Dont be like the guy getting yelled at in this video by a very serious little Yogi!

Ok so now I’ve given you my thoughts on the matter, but let’s get to the point and look at the some different kinds of yoga.

Hatha Yoga Is an excellent method for beginners. It’s the foundation of all yoga types and is one of the more lighthearted practices, now when I say lighthearted, I don’t mean easy. Some of the poses are well at least for where I am in my personal practice, impossible. But that’s ok; I like to have something to look forward too! The practice focuses on poses or Asana and meditation. Meditation can include everything from clearing the mind and practicing breathing to some chanting. So be sure to check with your teacher so you know what to expect. It allows for a deep connection between mind and body. Hatha is a slower practice so clothing in this version is more relaxed.

What to Wear: You want to make sure your body stay’s warm (without overheating of course) so yoga pants or Capri’s are usually good. You want them to fit you well, but not tight enough to inhibit circulation. For tops, you will be doing inverted poses like downward dog. So something that provides you with the comfort level you need, this could be a T-shirt, or just a tank. If you wear something looser fit I’d recommend making sure it has a high enough neckline, and a band at the waist to hold it in place.

these tops and bottoms from Gaiam yoga fit the bill. They are an awesome company that has great products to pick from.

04-0934_brown_ci  04-1042 bootcut pants04-1036

Iyengar is Another type of yoga that is a bit more intense, and is more focused on the correctness and precise alignment of the body. This type is actually the first type I was introduced to. I enjoyed the attention you had to pay to every muscle in your body while in the poses. For this method it’s more crucial that you wear fitted clothing.

What to Wear: Anything too loose and your teacher won’t be able to help you with correcting your poses since they won’t be able to see. My first yoga teacher wore a tight fitting body suit so that we could see her muscle control when she demonstrated.  Pact Clothing makes some awesome leggings that are perfect for this. They are organic cotton, that supports a great cause, and they are oh so soft and feature super fashionable prints and colors. As well as cute camisoles to match!

ss13_lake_blue_blossom_bottoms_leggings_long_front_womens_pactss13_denim_pop_tops_camisole_front_womens_pact  ss13_navy_bandana_bottoms_leggings_long_front_womens_pactss13_lake_blue_blossom_tops_camisole_front_womens_pact

Bikram Yoga also known as hot yoga is perhaps the most intense. It takes place in a hot room (95-105 degrees) to keep your muscles warm, and includes several components of fitness-muscular strength, endurance, cardiovascular and weight loss. When you go to this class, be prepared to sweat – a lot!

What to Wear: The clothes you wear for this class will ideally by breathable, moisture wicking is a plus, and small. Since you are sweating a lot, you don’t want to block your pores. A sports bra or tank is good in this class (something with coverage to hold you in place) and mini shorts or tight capri’s so you have plenty of movement. I also recommend you bring an extra towel for when your mat inevitably gets dripped on, and a bottle of water so you can re-hydrate right away.

Green Apple has some adorable shorts that work great for Hot Yoga!

Another company Mika Yoga wear, was developed specifically to meet the need of hot yogi practices.

prod135767435750ec77755b7e08_01987583 prod1348179224505b95180fbcd1_34029356

This is by no means an exhaustive list, in fact there are 7 different classifications of yoga, and under each classification are different varyations. they can vary by locality, culture, and teachers. And then there are combinations too, like yoga for ballet, for running, or even yoga pilates. But one thing remains the same regardless of  style, you need to know what the practice is, and what to wear for that practice. Also remember to stay on trend. Our biggest reason for this blog is that fitness is its own fashion-so fashionistas, wear it your way! customize it and keep it cool, put on your favorite yoga pants, with a cute top and flats, mix it up and keep it fresh and easy!

Oh and if you are interested, Our very helpful Gaiam comany has an offer of 10 ays free access to gaiam yoga classes. it features daily yoga excercize videos you can do in your living room!


Its 4th Quarter Fitness Time!!!

Hello all you Fitness Fashionistas today I had the pleasure of experiencing yet again a very intense workout with my 4th Quarter Fitness: MRT Workout team and coach.  What is MRT you ask? Well, MRT is an acronym that means: Metabolic Resistance Training that is also tied to the acronym “RAMP”: Range of Motion, Activation, and Movement Preparation. This 4th Quarter Fitness program was created by one of our own CSULB Alum’s, John Arreaga.

4th quarter fitness pic

4th This trendy and fashionable workout is a mixture of strength training and cardio at a very high intensity level to boost metabolism.  Because it such a hard form of exercise John told me that it is very important to dress in the proper attire in order to enjoy the workout and get the most out of it. (Me and the MRT Team below)

MRT crew

For our workout today, here’s what John suggested:

  • make sure your clothes have a comfortable fit for your body type
  • women should wear compression pants or shorts
  • proper shoes that have stability and can move in multiple directions
  •             Ex. Nike, Vibrams, etc.
  • proper fitting sports bra for support
  • shirt can be loose fitting or tight, whatever is more comfortable for you
  •             should be Dri-Fit for sweat protection
  • breathable socks
  •             -Ex. Elite socks, or any cotton
  • They also have an in-house clothing brand called LiveFit that sells all of the proper attire and is based out of Long Beach, CA.

Here are some examples of some of the new trends in fitness fashion wear that relates to items John suggested:

Bright Green Compression Pants: The new and hottest color for sportswear!

bright green pants

Proper Shoes


Sports Bra (Color on Trend!)


Dri-Fit Shirts

dri fit logo

dri fit tee

Breathable Socks


After making sure you have on the proper attire and picking the ones that are one trend, you have to prepare yourself for a very strenuous workout.  This is a 3-Day per week workout with a meal plan as well.  Each day has a different workout that is geared towards different parts of your body. Monday is an endurance training that utilizes body weight. Wednesday involves interval training that is very intense.  And Friday focuses on strength training.

workout pic

Our workout today was an interval training that was split into three parts: 1. Warm-Up, 2. Interval Training, and 3. Finisher.  The purpose of the Warm-Up (Range of Motion) is to make sure all joints are working properly, and that blood is flowing and keeping joints lubricated.  This is also important to activate certain areas of the body and to get the most out of the workout.  The final stage of the warm-up is Movement which a dynamic warm-up that includes stretching and moving your body at the same time.  Next, is the Interval training which today was four rounds of five different movements that lasts 30 seconds and John allows 15 seconds of rest in between.  The final part of the training is the “finisher” which is included in every workout.  The “finishers” last five to ten minutes and is a very serious cardio rush.  At the end of today’s workout we pushed 275lb sleds twice across the turf!

pushing sled

This is an amazing workout program that does a great job with focusing on your personal needs and perfecting proper form.  Not to be confused with CrossFit, MRT is a more beneficial workout that can help you reach your goals and stay fashionable at the same time!!

Keep It Poppin’: New Neon Sneakers for Spring/Summer 2013

At the London Olympic Games, the only thing as eye-catching as the athletes performance was  their footwear. Flashes of neon yellow blazing across the track was an image hard to forget.  Athletes are sporting the electric-hued shoes everywhere. Trey Hardee, Ashton Eaton, and even the swimmers were spotted wearing these neon colored shoes. The new color pops are a modern example of function meeting fashion.

Gyms across the country are currently filled with people wearing bright colored trend in shoes. Retailers alike have followed suit and have launched an all out color party with their training and  running shoes.

Track stars glided across the track in a blaze of bright neon glory at the Olympics setting off the neon sneaker trend.
Sandra's bright kicks
Celebrities like Sandra Bullock have been spotted rocking neon sneakers to the gym.
Even Victoria Beckham, who is notorious for always wearing 6 inch heels, is part of the neon color pop trend.
Women’s Health Magazine also published an article depicting the new color pop trend for athletic wear. Featured prominently in the spread are neon running running shoes.
Asics recently came out with the Gel-Noosa Tri 8 featuring a neon color splatter print on the shoe.
Asics created a new style of shoe called the Gel-Kinsei 4, all of which featuring bright neon designs.

New Balance has a new spike track shoe out for Spring/Summer 2013 called the  500 V2 Track Spikes. These shoes are available in a bright pink/ aqua combo and a cobalt blue/ orange combo.

Even basketball shoes are picking up on the neon trend like these Jordan Melo M9’s.
The neon trend appeals to both men and women. These sorbet colored New Balance M890V2 shoes are made for the trend savvy man.
Adidas is also picking up on the neon trend and is launching a “Neon Running Pack” composed of the Adidas Torsion Alegra, Originals Phantom, and  Originals Zx 700 debuting Spring/Summer 2013.

Synthetic vs. Organic clothing

Well hey there all my fitness loving fashionistas!! Let’s have a chat about the fabrics in workout clothing, because you are what you eat, as much as, you are what you wear, right? Most of us don’t think this way, but in reality when you take a moment it’s a very true fact. Your skin is the most exposed organ of your body, so what goes on your skin goes in the body. You wouldn’t take a shower or soak in some good ol’ petroleum bath would you? Well actually that’s exactly what you’re doing while you’re working out in synthetic fiber based clothes. Think about it most synthetic fibers are treated with immense amounts of toxic chemicals, before, during, and after the process of making them. Which I get a lot of you ladies are thinking, “ehh they wash that stuff out its cool,” but not so much. While you’re hitting the gym hard, sweating have you ever out of nowhere smelt a little gasoline for a brief second from a new top? Or do you get new workout gear and they just have an odd odor to them? That gasoline smell is really petroleum, and that odd scent yeah those are toxic chemicals that haven’t been completely washed away from the garment during the making process.

You’ve gone through all this trouble to hit the gym, eat super healthy (everything you buy is locally sourced from the organic farmers market), and yet what you’re wearing is probably the most unhealthy thing for you. The main argument I here from people is the fit, or look of workout clothing from synthetic fibers. Truth is though that awesome sung fit that you get from your polyester/spandex yoga pants, is actually really bad for you. Most work out clothes that are made from synthetic fibers actually increase your body temperature while you workout creating muscle fatigue. This is because petrochemical fibers actually suffocating your skin while you work out. Don’t believe me try it yourself. Go workout in an outfit completely made of synthetic fibers and then the next day do completely natural fibers, and you’ll see the difference. Natural fibers like cotton, linen, and hemp naturally breathe well and absorb water, where most synthetic fibers are made with some sort of water resistant chemical wash treatment. Why would you want your clothes to resist your sweat, you want to cleanse your body of toxins when you work out not give them some are for a moment of fresh air and reabsorb them, along with some formaldehyde while you’re at it (yes your perspiration proof athletic wear is treated with the same stuff used to preserve dead bodies), that brand new nylon running shirt doesn’t seem so hot anymore now does it?

So what do you wear to work out then?

Organic cotton:organic cotton

Now I put organic cotton because I mean lets be real you might as well go big or go home if you’re going to switch up your wardrobe. Cotton is super breathable, and has a high absorbency rate. Devils advocate you do have to wash it like right after the gym because since it doesn’t have any of the bacteria fighting chemicals on it it’ll smell after a hard workout.


One of the oldest and strongest plant based fibers out there. Linen breathes well,  has an insanely high absorbency rate and dries super fast as well. Linen yoga pants anyone?


So I know you’re like, “wait you want me to wear weed”? No, hemp is actually a completely different plant than marijuana. Again like linen and cotton its super breathable, but way stronger than cotton. So this is actually the perfect fiber for those of you who do more contact sports.

You would be amazed at what people can do with fabrics now, any of these natural fibers can be made to look and feel just as good as your favorite snug fitting, water proof, polyester/spandex super awesome gym shorts. I promise you. The most important question is now, where can you find this stuff. Well anywhere and everywhere, but I’ll help you get started.

Greenapple active:Green-Apple-Ess-Cami-Bra-Boys-detail

Love their stuff, now it is a bamboo based company, but they have plenty of organic cotton options as well.

Queen of hearts:Dharma Pant

This style is more for all you yogis, but the breathable lightweight feel of the pants is amazing plus they’re just fun.

PrAna:Tempest Tank

An amazing line that stands behind its views and causes PrAna has something for every activity. From climbing, training, to hiking, there is a nice selection of well made organic clothing.

Inner waves:Luana  Pants coco brown 1

A completely organically based company with clothing to fit you properly and realistically.

Ibex:Woolies 150 crew

I love this company! Everything is made out of ethically sourced wool, now I know what you’re thinking. “Hmmm yeah wool is to help me stay warm, right?” The answer s well yes, but wool can do so much more, as this company has proven. Wool is one of those fabrics that can be made to keeps you warm, or drape like silk. I love fabric what can I say.

LVR:Pocket tank and Foldover lightweight capri

Is a USA made company that has super soft clothing that fits just right but not too tight. I wear their stuff constantly, and well I work for the company so trust me everything is awesome. I wouldn’t work there if it weren’t

Realistically should you drop everything off at the Salvation Army this very second, and get an entire new wardrobe (well if you can afford to do that, come I come with you?). No I mean I’m just now learning about all this stuff myself, but now when you do shop for new workout gear you can do it with a little more knowledge and do some proper research on the chemicals that clothing is made of and all those fun and interesting chemical treatments and washes that claim that they’ll make working out better. Happy shopping fashionistas.

Fitness Trends: Zumba!

Hello Fitness Fashionistas!

I think it’s time we look at one of the greatest fitness fads of the decade, ZUMBA!  I’m not the most fashion forward person in what i wear, (just ask my ever so stylish friends) but curiosity was pricked when I kept hearing the word ZUMBA over and over again to the point that I just had to know what this craze was all about-so I did some research.


ZUMBA all started with a little mistake by a very creative aerobics instructor named Alberto “Beto” Perez he had forgotten his aerobics music for his class one day and grabbed a spare cassette he had and instructed his students to dance. This began what we know today to be the aerobics workout ZUMBA. You can check out an interview of Beto himself here:

The next question I had to ask was how is ZUMBA different from any other aerobic exercise? Well on principle it’s similar to many other aerobic workouts-your workout is in time to the music, and it keeps you moving the whole time. Here are the differences; each teacher is certified through the ZUMBA Company. ZUMBA trainers are given intense training, followed by monthly music, routine ideas and newsletters. The Class itself is also set up just a little different from other aerobics classes. For one, the instructor faces toward the group-they aren’t looking at themselves in the mirror! The Dances are inspired by many different dance styles, predominantly Latin but also include hip hop, belly dancing, samba, Reggae, Merengue, Salsa, and many others. The routines are simple, and different ones focus on different areas of the body.

What to Wear:

So now the most important question any Fashionista must ask, what do we wear to this “dance party” workout? The obvious answer is workout clothes, but there is an entire fashion culture that has emerged with this trend! So Lets start from the inside out ok? First you need to have good foundation garments-Ladies that means Bras. You will want a medium to high impact bra for this workout since your dancing, not a lot of jumping definitely some bouncing to the beat. for more details on proper bras, see our previous post here:     You will also want to have good supportive shoes-dance shoes would be ideal, or a good quality workout shoes-but we will delve deeper into shoe choices in another post.

Because ZUMBA is so multicultural, a distinct style of fitness clothing has emerged. The ZUMBA company has its own fashion line. the clothes are colorful and exciting. What makes them different from other workout choices? Tassels!

6-z1b00115-zugn1-z1b00113-plum - Copy

Notice on the pants the long strands hanging from the back and leg pockets. The presences of the tassels are for pure fun, they are supposed to bounce and move with you as you dance. The latest fitness accessory trend for ZUMBA has been the coin scarf a fun little scarf that makes little clinking noises while you dance.

5-a0a00283-pink 1-a0a00283-purp

The shirts vary, most are a bit tighter fitting with lower armholes PERFECT for sweating in! They vary from tight to loose, customized to factory but all allow room for ease of movement. As you can see in the photos the colors are bright, the designs are fun! (notice the recurring green color-its in the logo as well)

Black Zumba Tassel Shirt4-z1b00115-zugn - Copy 5-z1t00355-grvl2-z1t00361-blck

Get the look:

Ok little history note: does anyone remember shredding tee-shirts to have tassles, braiding the backs adding hearts etc? Well the trend is re-emerging with Zumba. A good example of some de-constructed T-Shirts is instructor Gina Grant. She has appeared on Dr. Oz, and teaches some of the Zumba instructor courses as well.

Zin%20Filming%20(143%20of%20307) - CopyGT%20Phoenix%20(141%20of%20284)Gina%20(10%20of%2041)Zin%20Filming%20(106%20of%20307)

Ok so let’s look at how we can do these ourselves: You can do this on a Zumba Fitness shirt, or another trick is to buy regular tee-shirts and customize them as well (costs a little less)

here are some pictures of awesome T-Shirt modification ideas: each photo is linked to different tutorials on how to get the look the first photo actually goes to a foreign blog but the pictures are so good you don’t have to read the language:

So i decided to try some modifications myself, after all was said and done, I went crazy and ended up cutting/redesigning 6 shirts. Luckily i have a friend who is a ZUMBA Instructor (Cassee Bone from Cal-City Fitness) Below you can see just two of the shirts I did for her. She likes to have the armhole low-cut so there is room to move as needed. A hint when cutting up you own shirts: always keep the scraps. They can be used as tassels, tie things together, or become a whole extra look if you cut your shirt right (notice the green tassels those are from one of the first shirts I modified).

IMG_2948 IMG_5551

the first one is an actual ZUMBA shirt that we took and cut out the sleeves and tied at the waist to make it more form-fitting you can see the tassel in the photo. We decided to keep it simple since it has logos on both the front and back. The second was a t-shirt we found at Ross. I took and braided down the back, added tassels at the bottom and Instant ZUMBA shirts!

For a parting look at how much fun ZUMBA can be see this lovely video featuring Beto and Mara here:

NEW Food Trends to stay Slim, Trim, & Fashion Forward!!

Hello all you Fitness Fashionistas! How many of you know the amazing techniques to stay active in the gym and outside of your home? Well, how about learning some great new food tips that coordinate with your daily routine to help you stay trim and fashion forward. How can eating clean be fashion forward? Believe it or not there are new trends in healthy living and foods that many people have adapted into their everyday lives. This post will introduce some new or not so new popular foods that are circling the United States today, and show you how to apply these trends to your everyday life.

Some of the new fashion forward trends are: Kale Chips, Coconut Water, Whey Protein Shakes, Protein/Granola Bars, Sweet Potato Fries, Meal Replacement Shakes, and Brown Rice, to name a few. Most people today have adapted to cooking at home instead of constantly eating out of their home at fast food restaurants. However, food companies have studied this change in the population and have adjusted their menus to accommodate this new healthy lifestyle change.

If people do have to eat out of their home, many restaurants have added healthy choices to their menu that help people feel less guilty and stay on a trend with new and fashionable food choices. Some of the choices people have are: Brown Rice instead of White Rice, and Sweet Potato Fries instead of regular fries.

Brown Rice is a healthier choice because it is a whole natural grain which is very healthy for the body, with moderation of course.

Brown Rice

Sweet Potato Fries have become a healthier choice for food fitness fashionistas because they are high in vitamins and nutrients such as vitamins B6, C, and beta-carotene. They are also a healthier choice because they are baked; although some restaurants do fry them so be careful.

Sweet Potato Fries

Some of the healthy fashion forward choices people have adapted into their homes are: Kale Chips (which are usually baked in their own oven at home) and Coconut Water.

Kale Chips are the new trend that has taken the world by storm! Yes, you can buy them in a store, but most people purchase them at home to insure they receive the abundant amounts of Vitamin K, C, and beta-carotene which are great for your heart and bones.

Baked Kale Chips

Another huge trend is Coconut Water that you will see everywhere. Many sponsors at event are passing out this new healthy drink craze to everyone in their path. Coconut Water is popular because of natural energy due to its high potassium and mineral content; as well as for having no fat and very low amounts of carbohydrates, calories, and sodium.

Coconut Water

The final set of new hot trend items that you might see around the gym or amongst your extreme healthy conscious friends are: Whey Protein Shakes, Protein/Granola Bars, and Meal Replacement Shakes.

Whey Protein Shakes are a new popular trend that is used 30 minutes after your workout as a recovery source that helps your muscles recover quicker.

Whey Protein

Protein/Granola Bars are used as a meal replacement, energy supplement, snack alternative, and many other uses.

Protein Bars

Meal Replacement Shakes are a HUGE trend that many people are using today to promote weight loss and many other uses within their new healthy lifestyle. Some examples are the new trend of blenders like the Magic Bullet and also the weight loss program Heralife.

magic bullets herbalife herbalife set

As you can see there are many new and exciting food trends buzzing that do a great job at keeping you slim, trim, and fashion forward. You can research these healthy choices online, in bookstores, in classes, gym, and my favorite social media (like Pinterest for example).

Pinterest Receipes

Hope these tips help! Talk to you next time Fitness Fashionistas!

The Truth about Sports Bras

Your clothes should be tight enough to show you’re a woman but loose enough to show you’re a lady –Marilyn Monroe-

I wanted to reach out to all you lovely ladies about proper gym attire. Just like in the streets there’s a right way and a wrong dress. The only difference is while the streets is more of a fashion statement, the gym is not only a fashion statement but also dressing the wrong way could adhere you working out or even harm you while you’re working out.  For instance why would you wear a sports bra verses a regular bra while taking a walk or hitting up the gym? Because sports bras are made to support you and hold you in a different way then your everyday Victoria Secrets Angels Demi. Sports bras are made to support you cooper’s ligaments, it’s the ligament that keeps the girls nice and perky. When you workout without giving this ligament proper support, it stretches and does not have the ability to recoil. Which is why when you leave the gym and did no upper body workouts but your chest hurts. So I promise working out with no sports bra is not going to help you.

Knot back Sports Bra

A sports bra should fit tighter than a regular bra but not so tight you can’t breath, with that sad wearing a sports bra that is too tight not only looks silly but it also can cut off proper circulation.  You should not get any chaffing, the straps should not dig into your shoulders. So if you’re not comfortable in it then don’t wear it. If you’re not sure test the bra out first, jump up and down maybe even run in place.

There are three different type of sports bras, low-impact, medium-impact, and high-impact.

UnderArmour Seamless Essentials

  UnderArmour Seamless Essentials


Underarmour semalessLow impact sports bras are for walking, road cycling, weight training, and yoga. These bras are usually thin and do not have much of a shape to them. Personally my favorite is the UnderArmour Essentials Sports Bra. Its seamless and gives me great coverage!

new balance tonic crop

New balance medium impact tank bra

New balance medium impact tank bra


Next is a medium impact bra, this bra is made for moderate hiking, snowboarding, light jogging. These are made a little thicker and usually have some sort of shaping to them, to better support the type of activity you’re doing.  I have the new balance medium impact sports bra, its thick enough to give me support.

North Face stow-n-go

North Face stow-n-go

Lastly there’s high impact bras, these bras are for running, playing sports such as soccer, mountain biking. When you find see these types of sports bras they’ll almost look like a regular bra, they have actual cups but with a sports bra band. You can easily find this type of bra with adjustable straps too. The North Face Stow-N-Go II is my best friend when I’m running (I mostly do yoga and run), I like it because it shapes, holds, but doesn’t have the underwire that some high impact bras have. Although depending on your cup size you might need the underwire for better support.

So I hope this gives you ladies a little more clarity on sports bras, if you go to any active wear company’s page they’ll have specific details and guidelines for their sports bras. I highly suggest taking the time to try a few different ones on, while also going to get your proper bra size measured. Statistics show that 3 out of 4 women are wearing the wrong bra size. Trust me, finding the right sports bra is only half the battle, to being able to enjoy your daily workout.