Hello all you Fitness Fashionistas! How many of you know the amazing techniques to stay active in the gym and outside of your home? Well, how about learning some great new food tips that coordinate with your daily routine to help you stay trim and fashion forward. How can eating clean be fashion forward? Believe it or not there are new trends in healthy living and foods that many people have adapted into their everyday lives. This post will introduce some new or not so new popular foods that are circling the United States today, and show you how to apply these trends to your everyday life.

Some of the new fashion forward trends are: Kale Chips, Coconut Water, Whey Protein Shakes, Protein/Granola Bars, Sweet Potato Fries, Meal Replacement Shakes, and Brown Rice, to name a few. Most people today have adapted to cooking at home instead of constantly eating out of their home at fast food restaurants. However, food companies have studied this change in the population and have adjusted their menus to accommodate this new healthy lifestyle change.

If people do have to eat out of their home, many restaurants have added healthy choices to their menu that help people feel less guilty and stay on a trend with new and fashionable food choices. Some of the choices people have are: Brown Rice instead of White Rice, and Sweet Potato Fries instead of regular fries.

Brown Rice is a healthier choice because it is a whole natural grain which is very healthy for the body, with moderation of course.

Brown Rice

Sweet Potato Fries have become a healthier choice for food fitness fashionistas because they are high in vitamins and nutrients such as vitamins B6, C, and beta-carotene. They are also a healthier choice because they are baked; although some restaurants do fry them so be careful.

Sweet Potato Fries

Some of the healthy fashion forward choices people have adapted into their homes are: Kale Chips (which are usually baked in their own oven at home) and Coconut Water.

Kale Chips are the new trend that has taken the world by storm! Yes, you can buy them in a store, but most people purchase them at home to insure they receive the abundant amounts of Vitamin K, C, and beta-carotene which are great for your heart and bones.

Baked Kale Chips

Another huge trend is Coconut Water that you will see everywhere. Many sponsors at event are passing out this new healthy drink craze to everyone in their path. Coconut Water is popular because of natural energy due to its high potassium and mineral content; as well as for having no fat and very low amounts of carbohydrates, calories, and sodium.

Coconut Water

The final set of new hot trend items that you might see around the gym or amongst your extreme healthy conscious friends are: Whey Protein Shakes, Protein/Granola Bars, and Meal Replacement Shakes.

Whey Protein Shakes are a new popular trend that is used 30 minutes after your workout as a recovery source that helps your muscles recover quicker.

Whey Protein

Protein/Granola Bars are used as a meal replacement, energy supplement, snack alternative, and many other uses.

Protein Bars

Meal Replacement Shakes are a HUGE trend that many people are using today to promote weight loss and many other uses within their new healthy lifestyle. Some examples are the new trend of blenders like the Magic Bullet and also the weight loss program Heralife.

magic bullets herbalife herbalife set

As you can see there are many new and exciting food trends buzzing that do a great job at keeping you slim, trim, and fashion forward. You can research these healthy choices online, in bookstores, in classes, gym, and my favorite social media (like Pinterest for example).

Pinterest Receipes

Hope these tips help! Talk to you next time Fitness Fashionistas!


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