Hello all you Fitness Fashionistas today I had the pleasure of experiencing yet again a very intense workout with my 4th Quarter Fitness: MRT Workout team and coach.  What is MRT you ask? Well, MRT is an acronym that means: Metabolic Resistance Training that is also tied to the acronym “RAMP”: Range of Motion, Activation, and Movement Preparation. This 4th Quarter Fitness program was created by one of our own CSULB Alum’s, John Arreaga.

4th quarter fitness pic

4th This trendy and fashionable workout is a mixture of strength training and cardio at a very high intensity level to boost metabolism.  Because it such a hard form of exercise John told me that it is very important to dress in the proper attire in order to enjoy the workout and get the most out of it. (Me and the MRT Team below)

MRT crew

For our workout today, here’s what John suggested:

  • make sure your clothes have a comfortable fit for your body type
  • women should wear compression pants or shorts
  • proper shoes that have stability and can move in multiple directions
  •             Ex. Nike, Vibrams, etc.
  • proper fitting sports bra for support
  • shirt can be loose fitting or tight, whatever is more comfortable for you
  •             should be Dri-Fit for sweat protection
  • breathable socks
  •             -Ex. Elite socks, or any cotton
  • They also have an in-house clothing brand called LiveFit that sells all of the proper attire and is based out of Long Beach, CA.

Here are some examples of some of the new trends in fitness fashion wear that relates to items John suggested:

Bright Green Compression Pants: The new and hottest color for sportswear!

bright green pants

Proper Shoes


Sports Bra (Color on Trend!)


Dri-Fit Shirts

dri fit logo

dri fit tee

Breathable Socks


After making sure you have on the proper attire and picking the ones that are one trend, you have to prepare yourself for a very strenuous workout.  This is a 3-Day per week workout with a meal plan as well.  Each day has a different workout that is geared towards different parts of your body. Monday is an endurance training that utilizes body weight. Wednesday involves interval training that is very intense.  And Friday focuses on strength training.

workout pic

Our workout today was an interval training that was split into three parts: 1. Warm-Up, 2. Interval Training, and 3. Finisher.  The purpose of the Warm-Up (Range of Motion) is to make sure all joints are working properly, and that blood is flowing and keeping joints lubricated.  This is also important to activate certain areas of the body and to get the most out of the workout.  The final stage of the warm-up is Movement which a dynamic warm-up that includes stretching and moving your body at the same time.  Next, is the Interval training which today was four rounds of five different movements that lasts 30 seconds and John allows 15 seconds of rest in between.  The final part of the training is the “finisher” which is included in every workout.  The “finishers” last five to ten minutes and is a very serious cardio rush.  At the end of today’s workout we pushed 275lb sleds twice across the turf!

pushing sled

This is an amazing workout program that does a great job with focusing on your personal needs and perfecting proper form.  Not to be confused with CrossFit, MRT is a more beneficial workout that can help you reach your goals and stay fashionable at the same time!!


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