“The yogi is not one who sits down to practise breathing exercises. He is one who looks upon all with an equal eye, sees other creatures in himself.”

Good Evening fitness Fashionistas!
Let’s take a look at a few different types of yoga, and what would be appropriate to wear for each one.

Before I begin this adventure into the great world of yoga, let me say one thing, yoga is a great for physical exercises, it can help you obtain and maintain core body strength, can give you great balance and it can also help organ function. But another benefit transcends the physical. It helps you learn to calm your mind, and to integrate your body and mind into one unit. Why is this important? We in our busy lives forget to think about our bodies. We work them to the bone, keep them so stressed that they have no means of recovery, and then wonder why we are sick “all of the sudden” if your body and mind are linked, you can listen to the wisdom within your own body-the wisdom that tells us when its ok to go, and when we need to slow down. Our minds are full of such business, phones, and the outside world that we cannot hear what our body is telling us. Dont be like the guy getting yelled at in this video by a very serious little Yogi!

Ok so now I’ve given you my thoughts on the matter, but let’s get to the point and look at the some different kinds of yoga.

Hatha Yoga Is an excellent method for beginners. It’s the foundation of all yoga types and is one of the more lighthearted practices, now when I say lighthearted, I don’t mean easy. Some of the poses are well at least for where I am in my personal practice, impossible. But that’s ok; I like to have something to look forward too! The practice focuses on poses or Asana and meditation. Meditation can include everything from clearing the mind and practicing breathing to some chanting. So be sure to check with your teacher so you know what to expect. It allows for a deep connection between mind and body. Hatha is a slower practice so clothing in this version is more relaxed.

What to Wear: You want to make sure your body stay’s warm (without overheating of course) so yoga pants or Capri’s are usually good. You want them to fit you well, but not tight enough to inhibit circulation. For tops, you will be doing inverted poses like downward dog. So something that provides you with the comfort level you need, this could be a T-shirt, or just a tank. If you wear something looser fit I’d recommend making sure it has a high enough neckline, and a band at the waist to hold it in place.

these tops and bottoms from Gaiam yoga fit the bill. They are an awesome company that has great products to pick from.

04-0934_brown_ci  04-1042 bootcut pants04-1036

Iyengar is Another type of yoga that is a bit more intense, and is more focused on the correctness and precise alignment of the body. This type is actually the first type I was introduced to. I enjoyed the attention you had to pay to every muscle in your body while in the poses. For this method it’s more crucial that you wear fitted clothing.

What to Wear: Anything too loose and your teacher won’t be able to help you with correcting your poses since they won’t be able to see. My first yoga teacher wore a tight fitting body suit so that we could see her muscle control when she demonstrated.  Pact Clothing makes some awesome leggings that are perfect for this. They are organic cotton, that supports a great cause, and they are oh so soft and feature super fashionable prints and colors. As well as cute camisoles to match!

ss13_lake_blue_blossom_bottoms_leggings_long_front_womens_pactss13_denim_pop_tops_camisole_front_womens_pact  ss13_navy_bandana_bottoms_leggings_long_front_womens_pactss13_lake_blue_blossom_tops_camisole_front_womens_pact

Bikram Yoga also known as hot yoga is perhaps the most intense. It takes place in a hot room (95-105 degrees) to keep your muscles warm, and includes several components of fitness-muscular strength, endurance, cardiovascular and weight loss. When you go to this class, be prepared to sweat – a lot!

What to Wear: The clothes you wear for this class will ideally by breathable, moisture wicking is a plus, and small. Since you are sweating a lot, you don’t want to block your pores. A sports bra or tank is good in this class (something with coverage to hold you in place) and mini shorts or tight capri’s so you have plenty of movement. I also recommend you bring an extra towel for when your mat inevitably gets dripped on, and a bottle of water so you can re-hydrate right away.

Green Apple has some adorable shorts that work great for Hot Yoga!

Another company Mika Yoga wear, was developed specifically to meet the need of hot yogi practices.

prod135767435750ec77755b7e08_01987583 prod1348179224505b95180fbcd1_34029356

This is by no means an exhaustive list, in fact there are 7 different classifications of yoga, and under each classification are different varyations. they can vary by locality, culture, and teachers. And then there are combinations too, like yoga for ballet, for running, or even yoga pilates. But one thing remains the same regardless of  style, you need to know what the practice is, and what to wear for that practice. Also remember to stay on trend. Our biggest reason for this blog is that fitness is its own fashion-so fashionistas, wear it your way! customize it and keep it cool, put on your favorite yoga pants, with a cute top and flats, mix it up and keep it fresh and easy!

Oh and if you are interested, Our very helpful Gaiam comany has an offer of 10 ays free access to gaiam yoga classes. it features daily yoga excercize videos you can do in your living room!



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Welcome to our blog! I am a girl who loves fashion, and loves adventure. What better way to be ready for any adventure that comes my way than by being fit and ready to explore! My favorite workouts of choice are yoga, cardio, hiking, and any new experiences that present themselves. Please dont hestitate to let us know if you have any questions, thoughts, blog topic requetss or just want to give us a shout-out!

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