Hello all my Fitness Fashionistas!! How many of you have wondered, “How can I get the hot new looks the celebs are wearing on the way to the gym or on a regular day?”   I’m here to show you how! You could of course get their exact look if you had the big bucks to shop where they shop, but let’s talk about getting the look on your budget.

Many of our favorite celebrities are caught by paparazzi every day wearing many different types of workout clothes either on the way to the gym or just to pick up a smoothie.  One of the main celebrities I have seen that is photographed the most would have to be Kim Kardashian.  Kim is usually spotted wearing black, compared to the other celebs who can be seen wearing many different looks on each shot.


Kim K

Here are some examples of what celebrities might wear that are actually dressed to workout out at a gym. (Some good examples, and some NOT so good examples….I’m sure you can spot it out.)




These celebs are dressed in workout clothes just for the look, and are a bit more fashion forward by dressing on trend with accessories.






You can mimic these fashionable fitness celeb looks by creating your own style on a budget at many stores.  Some companies are: JC Penny’s, Ross, Marshalls, TJ Max, Kohl’s, and much…much more!!! Some of these places will even have the same designer brands as the celebrities, but at a discounted rate.

Here are some examples of the clothes you can find at a discounted rate:





Go find your look today!!!


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